and because i love you.

hello, im daisy. (: im weird and stupid because that's who i am. there will be times when you'll love me like there's no tomorrow and other times that you'll hate me like ksmnfkjsdjndfa XD but it doesn't matter because i have every reason to be okay, i have a right to be me.

I do not take ownership of any type of media you see here unless stated otherwise.
Lemme rephrase:
when i put "© daisy koike" to my posts, i really made 'em. just like this one :

"i may love all of them too, but not as much as i love you.
i'll be the locket, you'll be the picture.
in my heart, you'll stay forever"

haha anyways, my thinggy used to be but i changed it now to (: BECAUSE iM iN LOVE. :)

:) ilovemakingquotes
idkijustlove (:

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Welcome To Tumblr ;D



where .GIFs make every post a little better…

where we post screen shots of movies and tv shows that explain exactly how we feel inside

where we’re all fashion savvy in our own way

where we boogie all day…

and all night.

where we really don’t give a fuck!

where we tell all the Anons who hide behind grey faces to…

where we are all forever alone together

and at the end of it all, we’re left wondering…


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