and because i love you.

hello, im daisy. (: im weird and stupid because that's who i am. there will be times when you'll love me like there's no tomorrow and other times that you'll hate me like ksmnfkjsdjndfa XD but it doesn't matter because i have every reason to be okay, i have a right to be me.

I do not take ownership of any type of media you see here unless stated otherwise.
Lemme rephrase:
when i put "© daisy koike" to my posts, i really made 'em. just like this one :

"i may love all of them too, but not as much as i love you.
i'll be the locket, you'll be the picture.
in my heart, you'll stay forever"

haha anyways, my thinggy used to be but i changed it now to (: BECAUSE iM iN LOVE. :)

:) ilovemakingquotes
idkijustlove (: